Monday, December 9, 2013

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

India: Transportation & Shopping


Getting around Delhi can be quite the feat;  there were a number of options but our primary mode of transport were the autos (autoricksaw or tuk-tuk). Every auto is installed with a meter ; and we were warned to ALWAYS request for the meters to be turned on before boarding.  A running meter determines whether you pay 50 rupees or 300 rupees to your destination.   Luckily for us, we already mastered the head bobbing which pretty much means : yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. lol. Armed with the few words we’d jutted down from our 5 year old teacher Avaira, our negotiating typically consisted of vigorously bobbing our heads accompanied with words like “Nay – No” “Han-Yes” , “Bahad dam – expensive” “tikeh – ok” or “chello – lets go”.

Random fact – a lot of drivers don’t know where places are and so we had to have directions or be ready to make multiple stops for the drivers to ask for directions.

Train – I was very impressed by the Delhi Metro, the trains are clean and air-conditioned. They also have a separate cars for women which I think is really neat if you do not want to entertain unwanted male advances; and oooh get this!! cell phones work underground - I called Rosa who was standing next to me just to see – take note NYCDOT.
The tokens for the train are very inexpensive, it costs 25 rupees ($0.40) from Hauz Khas to Chandi Chowk – 20 mins train ride.  If, you do travel this route, let me warn you ahead of time, it is in your best interest to buy a round trip token before you get to Chandi Chowk.  Nothing, I repeat nothing will prepare you for the mayhem that is Chandi Chowk. Unfortunately for us, we had to buy our return token here - the lines were looooong, we got shoved around and people cut into the lines in front of us as if we werent there; it took at least 40 mins for us to get a token . In the famous words of Terri from Terri & Rachel in Chandi Chowk, “Chaos Reigns Supreme”.
Avaira's Cheat Sheet :)
Old Delhi (Terry & Rachel)
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