Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Insanity: Month 2 Week 2

On Day 51 I must have landed improperly during the Max Interval Plyo because, my right knee started to bother me. Over the following few days, I took Cod Liver oil, some anti-inflamatory pills and have been doing modifications for the circuits that require any major jumping.

Diet: Let me put this way, if this was a class, I would have been put back a year. I have royally sucked at eating clean. So I have logged my diet consistently since beginning Month 2. I tried the no/low carb thing for a week then I switched to a no-sugar routine the next week. One thing I learned from being committed to MyFitnessPal, is that my calorie intake is not the problem, I am in fact not using up my calorie allowance for the day. However, on the sugar front, I seem to be going waaaaaaaaay above my goal. Ok take for example March 18

Left Over
Total Fat

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


You may have heard of the radio station K-Love, a Christian contemporary station, if you're in NYC its on the 96.7FM dial.  I have been glued to this station ever since The Hubs introduced me to it a couple years back. So, on my way to work when I’m not yip yapping with  , Im listening to the uplifting voice of Casting Crowns remind me to Praise Him In The Storm.  or Laura Story of his Blessings (i cry every time I listen to this song.. everrray time). I digress.

 Anyway, while listening to the station the other morning, Amy – one of the hosts was talking about her son’s 4th birthday party and how one of the moms had lingered the entire party . At the end of the party, she called Amy aside and thanked her for having a “Simple” party. The lady and her son attended a party the weekend prior where there was an indoor petting zoo. Ludicrous Right? Imagine a goat or lama in the living room crapping everywhere??? Cringe!  

This begs to the question, Who are these “kids parties” really for? Granted, today’s child has a very active social life with  calendars booked 2-3 months in advance. At the same time, we parents also tend to get caught up in the hype of keeping up or trying to out-do the Joneses.

Soooooo, since we did not have a party when Yum Yum turned 1. We have been planning a summer party. And like many moms I’ve been going overboard and over budget, I in fact was going to get a petting zoo!!! hahaha. After that segment, I’ve had to stop and ask myself, will Yum Yum who will be 16months at the time of the party care about a petting zoo and all the other over the top things I have planned? Will the other 16-24 month old toddlers care ?  ….  it’s a No on all accounts. Therefore, there shall be no petting zoo or any other unnecessary “thing”. So as I seat here and restart her party planning  list. One word is more resounding than ever … Simplicity.

Simplicity as in the old pill bottle filled with pennies that Yum Yum would rather play with instead of the rattle that clinks and lights up. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I had been contemplating a second round of the insanity program since I completed only 45 days in Round 1, shortly after the little lady was born last year. So, the last week in January after much mental motivation and watching videos of TiffanyDarlyn's transformation (one of my fave Youtube Gurus who is now pregnant), I began Insanity Round 2.

It has been 6 arduous and mentally challenging weeks since Day 1. And I have to say, I am not very pleased with my results. I was hoping that by now my 6-pack would be breaking through and I would have a semblance of Mrs. Obama’s guns – Wrong!!!

By the end of recovery week, with neither pounds nor inches lost, I was disappointed and ready to nose dive into a bucket of Oreo Cookies ice cream. But then, after my temporary insanity (pun intended) dissipated, I remembered that  I still have 4 weeks left to make a difference. I decided to evaluate the reason for the lack of changes (although I did feel stronger)

-          I exercised religiously every day at 5 or 5:30a
-          I had a salad everyday to make sure I got my vegetables in
-          I tried not to eat late at night 

So what the heck was the problem!!!

PROBLEM: I did not give up my sweets, white carbs and did not count my calories, so I was easily going over my daily calorie allowance which was somewhere around 1500 (according to MyFitnessPal). I felt since I was doing such a rigorous program a few desserts here and there shouldn't impede my progress - flash on that one.

SOLUTION: Document my journey publicly every week. The rationale being that  the possibility of public failure might motivate me enough to put the damn chocolate down. So here goes the plan

-          Breakfast: Oatmeal or Herbal Life
-          Lunch: Baked Tilapia on a bed of spinach 
-          Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs
-          Snack: Greek Yogurt (pref Chobani to satisfy the sugar cravings)

I estimate this to be somewhere around 1200 calories a day which is pretty low but I plan to give myself reasonable allowances here and there.

I will post pictures post pictures on Day 60... 

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