Wednesday, March 20, 2013


You may have heard of the radio station K-Love, a Christian contemporary station, if you're in NYC its on the 96.7FM dial.  I have been glued to this station ever since The Hubs introduced me to it a couple years back. So, on my way to work when I’m not yip yapping with  , Im listening to the uplifting voice of Casting Crowns remind me to Praise Him In The Storm.  or Laura Story of his Blessings (i cry every time I listen to this song.. everrray time). I digress.

 Anyway, while listening to the station the other morning, Amy – one of the hosts was talking about her son’s 4th birthday party and how one of the moms had lingered the entire party . At the end of the party, she called Amy aside and thanked her for having a “Simple” party. The lady and her son attended a party the weekend prior where there was an indoor petting zoo. Ludicrous Right? Imagine a goat or lama in the living room crapping everywhere??? Cringe!  

This begs to the question, Who are these “kids parties” really for? Granted, today’s child has a very active social life with  calendars booked 2-3 months in advance. At the same time, we parents also tend to get caught up in the hype of keeping up or trying to out-do the Joneses.

Soooooo, since we did not have a party when Yum Yum turned 1. We have been planning a summer party. And like many moms I’ve been going overboard and over budget, I in fact was going to get a petting zoo!!! hahaha. After that segment, I’ve had to stop and ask myself, will Yum Yum who will be 16months at the time of the party care about a petting zoo and all the other over the top things I have planned? Will the other 16-24 month old toddlers care ?  ….  it’s a No on all accounts. Therefore, there shall be no petting zoo or any other unnecessary “thing”. So as I seat here and restart her party planning  list. One word is more resounding than ever … Simplicity.

Simplicity as in the old pill bottle filled with pennies that Yum Yum would rather play with instead of the rattle that clinks and lights up. 

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  1. I love the new lay out of your blog. Great post!


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