Monday, November 25, 2013

INDIA: Sightseeing & Restaurants

The Digs
Our abode a was nice, clean b&b and truly home away from home. We stayed at the Serene in Hauz Khaz a “posh” part of Delhi. Serene is a cute little bed and breakfast run by a well-travelled Indian man named Dhruv . He was away the night we arrived, but the caretakers made us feel welcome and comfortable. Serene as you will see on their website, consists a living room , dining area and a patio all of which we had complete access to and use of . Each room had its own bathroom which is a huge plus for me since my bladder discriminates. Every morning, we were greeted with a set table of toast/ paratha, tea, the most delicious apricot jam, fresh butter and fruits. After long days of combing the busy streets-noisy of Delhi, it was ever so nice to go a Serene environment.
Location: Haus khaz 
Rate: $40/night
Wifi Free
Service: Excellent

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Things (version 3.0)

Photo by Jaimie Shaff

Approaching the big 3-0 as come with much reflection and introspection. I am welcoming the beginning of this new decade with a renewed zeal to fulfill set goals and write new ones. I am grateful to be alive 30 years after an accident that could have claimed my life and feel blessed to have had such an incredible journey so far, with my wonderful family, great friends and some of life’s amazing human beings with whom I have crossed paths with.  I feel grateful to have made mistakes and have learned from them and I am excited to see what’s ahead. In the spirit 3 decades of life, here are 30 randomly written important things I’d like to share.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

India: Juroon & Biya

Pre-Wedding – Juroon

The day before the wedding, was the Juroon ceremony when Gaurav’s (groom) mother officially welcomed the Elizabeth (bride) to the family. The venue was the perfect picture of romance with drapery of soft teals, peaches and gold accents. The ceremony took place in front a morol (a square shaped structure decorated with flowers and banana tree leaves) and commenced with the official greeting of the two mothers and exchange of gifts. After certain rights were performed, Elizabeth was ushered out and seated in front of the morol facing a mirror, which she was later required to throw out. Gaurav’s mom applied sindoor (red holy powder)  to the parting of Elizabeth’s hair signifying that she is now a member of the family and presented her with gifts she would need as she starts her new life.

All fresh petals

Thursday, November 7, 2013

India: Farmhouse & Mendhi

The Ceremonies

Indian weddings are decidedly a lavish affair - at least this one was. The week long (5 days) festivities kicked off with a Farmhouse party; and by farmhouse I mean three-house enclave with a massive garden and pool.  Upon arrival, we were greeted with ever so attentive waiters offering endless cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres; and just when I thought I couldn't choke down another bite of some yummy deliciousness, it was time for dinner. After much face stuffing, catching ups and get-to-know-yous the dance floor was ablaze with Hindi hip hop and Spanish music thanks to uncle Tequilla. Amidst the twerking (joke), twirling and what-have-yous, I spied the beautiful couple from the corner of my eye in an intimate tete a tete that warmed my heart - perfect pieces to a puzzle. 

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