Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Things (version 3.0)

Photo by Jaimie Shaff

Approaching the big 3-0 as come with much reflection and introspection. I am welcoming the beginning of this new decade with a renewed zeal to fulfill set goals and write new ones. I am grateful to be alive 30 years after an accident that could have claimed my life and feel blessed to have had such an incredible journey so far, with my wonderful family, great friends and some of life’s amazing human beings with whom I have crossed paths with.  I feel grateful to have made mistakes and have learned from them and I am excited to see what’s ahead. In the spirit 3 decades of life, here are 30 randomly written important things I’d like to share.

  1. Pray

  1. Be Patient
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew [their] strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; [and] they shall walk, and not faint  - Isaiah 40:31

  1. Spend Less Invest More
Designer shoes and bags will not pay your rent or prepare you for retirement. We live in such unpredictable times that the best service you can do yourself is to Pay Yourself.

  1. Happiness is a choice
You are responsible for your own happiness, do not rely on someone or something to make you happy.

  1. Forgive - forgive people and also learn to forgive yourself.

  1. Dream big and work hard

  1. Live an authentic life - be true to yourself and run your own race.

  1. Experience is a privilege to make a difference

  1. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities  -  Albert Einstein

  1. It is a okay to watch trashy TV as long as you remember to read a book too

  1. There are times when it is more important to be kind than it is to be right

  1. Don’t be afraid of change or failure

  1. Call your friends
Invest in people and memories . You never know how long they will be around for - call or send a text.

  1. Believe in yourself;  it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

  1. Live in the moment - it is important to plan, but in planning and projections enjoy today

  1. In the thick of it... take a deep breath

  1. Think, talk and think again

  1. Keeping things in, can be worse than a disease  - talk to someone

  1. Teach yourself to be open minded - everyone has a story, try not to judge

  1. Travel
It does not matter when, just make sure you travel. Broaden your horizon, explore the world and get to know its people; you will be in awe by what is out there.

  1. Take more chances - the most successful people get to where they are by taking big risks.

  1. Be grateful for the life you have

  1. Nurture good friendships
    In nurturing good friendships, also understand that some friendships have a purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled let it go because your work or their work is done. In the same breath, recognize that some friendships are meant for life.

  1. Spend time alone - we must learn to enjoy our own company and listen to our inner voice.

  1. You are more than a number on the scale
We are sometimes so unkind to ourselves; if  the number on a scale is the compass to your self-worth , step off that scale and work on the inner you.

  1. Leave the past in the past and press forward

  1. Perform random act of kindness

  1. Work out and eat veggies as much as you can
  2. Pay as much attention to your mental health as you do your physical health

  1. In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you – Matthews 7:12

Kayhzen version 3.0 


  1. I want to do allll of that except eat veggies :D

    P.S this is Madiha. Hiiii! :D

    1. Hi Madiha !!! Gotta eat those veggies and leave the Paratha omelette alone!

  2. Wow, its nice. Happy birthday. Have a gr8 lyf ahead. Stay blessed.

  3. Happy birthday you fantastic woman, you. Thank you for being such an incredible person in my life, even if you're 1.5 hrs late. I'll still be on time ;) xx

    1. Thank you jaimiebear and i am still dying of guilt for being THAT late.

  4. " If you are there before it's over, you're on time." Many more blessings!

  5. Great list! Happy 30th! God bless you and your beautiful family!



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