Thursday, November 7, 2013

India: Farmhouse & Mendhi

The Ceremonies

Indian weddings are decidedly a lavish affair - at least this one was. The week long (5 days) festivities kicked off with a Farmhouse party; and by farmhouse I mean three-house enclave with a massive garden and pool.  Upon arrival, we were greeted with ever so attentive waiters offering endless cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres; and just when I thought I couldn't choke down another bite of some yummy deliciousness, it was time for dinner. After much face stuffing, catching ups and get-to-know-yous the dance floor was ablaze with Hindi hip hop and Spanish music thanks to uncle Tequilla. Amidst the twerking (joke), twirling and what-have-yous, I spied the beautiful couple from the corner of my eye in an intimate tete a tete that warmed my heart - perfect pieces to a puzzle. 

Day 2 – Signing of the Documents

We woke up bright and early to witness the "after-signing" of the documents - the legal part of things. The venue was beautifully adorned with hues of oranges and pinks that tantalized the senses. I particularly loved the orange marigolds hanging everywhere from the gates to the doors. Brunch was traditional Assamese cuisine with flavorful curries and tea that could teleport you to agrabah.   

All fresh marigold

Mr & Mrs G!

Witness document signing 

Talk about a spread

Fresh redefined - almost everything we ate was made right there

Day 2 Evening – Mendhi

Later that day was the Mendhi ceremony, an “informal” party where we got adorned with beautiful bangles and intricate henna designs on our hand (and feet for the bride). I soon realized that the wiser folks ate before getting henned, we JJCs did the reverse and had to wait over an hour to eat. 

A little closer and you'll see the designs


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    1. Thanks for stopping by. The weddings were a complete eye candy.

  2. Very colourfull, waiting for the next page..

  3. Salaam. Beautiful ceremony, I wish them happiness.


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