Thursday, October 31, 2013

INDIA: Getting There

Enroute home

I still can't believe my trip to India has come and gone. After months of prepping, coordination and anticipation it all just seems so surreal. Unlike my previous trip to India this was different, one of my closest friends/roommates from grad school was getting married and I was not about to miss it for the world. So all of us roommates Rose, Rosa and I (Ches couldn’t make it at the last min) packed up our belongings and began our Indian adventure.  Before I launch into how awesome it was, here are a few technicalities some might be interested in.

Getting  There
I am a die-hard Virgin Atlantic customer but after my last trip to Nigeria, I decided it was time to try out other airlines. In looking at the different alternatives, Emirates was the one airline that seemed to have an all-round excellent rating.

Ticket: $1260 (transit through Dubai) Economy
Duration: NY to Dubai – 13hr 30mins  / Dubai to Delhi – 4 hrs
Seating: Average, bit bigger than other airlines but not as spacious as I’d hoped
Service: Excellent , hostesses are very attentive 
Meals: Pretty good 3.8 out of 5. We were served 3 meals on the 13 hour flight and 1 on the 3 hour flight

Dubai Airport
Dubai is one of those places I’ve been dying to visit, from the stories I’ve heard everything is bigger and grander in this country. My transit through the airport did more than whet my appetite to visit. The airport is HUGE – no joking – the journey to my gate was a train and bus ride with an additional 7-12 mins walking; and the duty free?!  just out of this world - forgot to take pics :(

Beautiful water fall at the airport 

Being on a plane for 13 hour is pretty nerve racking, your imagination gets the best of you and your butt gets the pins and needles. Other than that, the ride was pretty smooth sailing, I particularly liked the fact that I could begin watching movies before take-off, of course during announcements the entertainment pauses but I didn't have to wait until we were airbound to access the entertainment options. The entertainment selection is pretty extensive, there were 39 new movies and since I have not been to the movies in over a year and had 13 hours to kill, I quickly busted through some movies i'd been dying to see; The Beautifuls, Internship, Now You See Me. 


Meal on Delhi -Dubai route

Breakfast: Dubai - NY route 

Snack: Dubai -NY route

Lunch: Dubai -NY route

Movies, Meals, Sleep, Music and many hours later we landed safely in at Indira Int’l. Rosa and I found each other, presented our documents at customs and proceeded to find a prepaid taxi to our B&B as instructed by our hosts. 

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