Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haunted Pumpkin Patch - NYBG

Nothing ushers in the fall like reddish-brown fallen leaves,  fresco weather and Halloween costumes. Last year, was my Yum Yum’s first Halloween and boy did I have some ambitious goals... gotta love the unrealistic expectations of a first-time mom.

Last fall was pretty basic and uneventful after I realized my 10 month old was not up for any of my impractical to dos. When Halloween came by, we dressed her up as a dragon and told the Mistress at the daycare to take PLENTY pictures… while I twiddled my fingers patiently waiting for this year.

So this year, since my daughter is a rising 2 year old (ahhhh how time flies) and can do a whole lot more stuff  YAY!!! I figured we’d start off the fall/Halloween season with a trip to the New York Botanical Garden. This was one of my summer to dos that never happened. So, when I found out from a co-worker that the Garden had a Halloween themed Garden  “Haunted Pumpkin Garden” , it was a no brainer. Plus this was a much more attractive alternative to driving 1 hour to a farm like AG80 and I had initially planned.

As usual there’s always a dollar amount attached to these things, so here goes it
Adult Tickets – $25  ;   $22.50 (if you use a MasterCard)
Children Under 2 – Free
Children 2-12 – $10
These numbers vary during the week (we went on a Saturday)
Food: There are two Cafés and a Japanese Restaurant on the grounds. My suggestion;  bring your meals and make a picnic out of your visit.

Haunted Pumpkin Patch
The pumpkin patch is located in the Everett’s Children Adventure Garden ( per garden guide- make a left a the reflecting pool ) The Garden is whimsical; at the entrance, there are all sorts of carved pumpkin sculptures from bugs to miniature pumpkin houses. Further in, you’ll find a cute little maze to the right and pumpkin covered rocks to the left. Past these, is a charming little woodsy area with a wooden Xylophone and  adorable little train chairs. We paused here for a little while , while the kids beat the hell out of the Xylo and then headed up to the little opening where you have the children’s puppet theater, a  pumpkin house, and a huge frog frozen midair.

We took to break at the children center indoors where there were even more activities for the kids. At the center, there were all kinds of messy projects going on. I think this was YumYum favorite part of the garden, not because she could get her hands dirty but because there was a reading nook with several book shelves. She went through all the books on the shelves identifying every animal she recognized as “bobo” (apparently my daughter likes books) and for now, all animals are called bobos.

I think the most fun part for her was getting on a the Jolly Roger-like “ship” attached to the side of the building. She steered the ship’s wheel back and forth until she tired herself out. She was totally channeling Izzy.

We capped off the visit at the picnic area with at the Animal Show ‘n Tell. Here, the kids got to see and learn about all kinds of eeky animals  like frogs, snakes, gators and much more. Our 12 year old nephew who is usually tough to impress said he had a great time. Can I say pat on the back ?!

Would you like to touch a python? Ugh... no thank you 

Random Facts
-          Kids can wear their Halloween costumes but don’t have to
-          Kids are not allowed to carve pumpkins. That’s a separate class you have to pay extra for BUT there is a pumpkin carving demo
-          There is a Halloween “parade” = the children are given instruments which they play as they dance around the adventure garden. Time varies so be sure to ask the guides
-          If you decide to be a member you can apply your entrance tickets that day towards your membership

Successful trip = Happy Dance :) 

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