Sunday, August 19, 2012

Punishment Food

By mid to end of my pregnancy I really just stuffed my face and got high on I went up to 180 from 135... The baby was only 6.4oz. So, ever since having my daughter in January, I have vowed to get my body back.

Breastfeed obsessively
Eat Clean and Workout

What Really Happened

Breast fed as needed 
Completed 45 days of the insanity workout beginning 8 weeks postpartum

Ate clean for first 4 months.

Off The Wagon
Since I started back at work (4 months postpartum) my eat-clean regime has gone straight to hell. Working out has been a major challenge - there simply is no time and the constant temptations of almond pecan brownies to white chocolate pretzels in the office kitchenette has only worn by resolve.

Back on the The Wagon
Work out 2ce a week  ( Do something, nothing is too little)
No food after 5pm (If i'm good no carbs after 2pm)
Be a part -time vegetarian ( Tuesdays & Thursdays)
If I fail? I have to eat Punishment Food - meaning anything healthy that I do not like e.g arugula - uber ewww

Sigh... wish me luck. 

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