Thursday, August 8, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Update - July

Written last week in July. 

T’is the end of the month meaning another healthy lifestyle check in. If you’re curious about how my mankofit challenge went… well… whad had happen’d was…

I got bored of coming up with recipes and I fell off  the challenge... yea i know...wha whaaa... I later got back on… but did not entirely follow the grocery list - I had a yogurt here n there, then some chocolate and it went south from there.

My first couple weeks of following the challenge strictly brought my weight down into the 130’s – I’m currently swinging between 138-139 and I kiss 140 on a bad day. Although I didn’t lose a ton of weight, I’m getting closer to my pre-pregnancy weight (134-135) – I feel the need to add that I’m trying to make a lifestyle change here, so I make a conscious effort not to be too hopped up on the numbers and the goddamned scale. Here are some recipes I’ve tried since.

Brown Basmati Stir-fry: Rice/ Chicken/ Kale/ Portabella Mushrooms/ Balsamic Vinegar/ Salt 

Topless Turkey Burger: Ground Turkey/reg rolled oats/onion/egg/knob of garlic/black pepper/balsamic vinegar

Oat Pancakes: Quaker rolled oats/ 4 egg whites & 1 yolk/ banana/ blueberry

Fruit Infused Water: Coconut water/frozen pineapple/strawberry/kiwi 

This was with Coconut water 

Fruit Infused Water: Blueberries/ Strawberries/ Mint 
This was with Sparkling water 


  1. How did the oatmeal pancakes taste?

    1. They weren't fluffy like regular pancakes, but i'm trying out more recipes that claim yield fluffy results. I'll keep you posted. As for taste, its pretty bland but that can be rectified with maple syrup or honey. I have to be honest and say that it takes some getting used to.

  2. yummy

    but quick question...all the running you do...does it not help with weight loss or weight maintenance...cuz i always look at your pictures and say to myself if i can register for the marathon and practice i will lose a lot of weight

    1. Hi Doll!!! I love your name :) Running does help with maintenance but for weight loss not really - in my experience. This is not to say that I have not lost weight while running but never in a significant way, typically no more than 5lbs (I also struggle with eating well consistently so this might be the reason). It however leans me out to the point that I look visibly smaller but the number on the scale didn’t change. So if you want to lose weight you are more likely to get better results if you do interval training/crossfit and more importantly eat well – at least this has been my experience. Hope this helps


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