Thursday, January 23, 2014

CameraShy Take 52 Challenge - Week 2: CRISP

Picture  submitted for Week 2 challenge

SS: 1/1800
ISO: 100
Aperture: I cant remember :(  ( i messed with the F number a lot)
Handheld & upclose

We’re are actually in week 3 of the challenge and the word for this week is Routine. I'm posting late because Week 2 was a crazy for me – toddler birthday shenaniagans; all I can say is Thank. God. It. Is. Over. Perhaps I’ll do a post on that when I get through my haze. 

I could not think of  the perfect imagery for crisp, that is, outside of Chips or Apples or Sugarcane lol. Shooting some or a bag of chips seemed too meh and I could not quite figure out how to creatively capture a crisp bite of an apple without it just looking like well.. a bite out of an apple.  So, I ventured outside and let the elements guide me.  I initially took a whole bunch of pictures of snow crusted plants but was not quite satisfied with those shots. So I tried up-close images of frozen water puddles and then my eye caught a wooden bench that was coated with ice. A closer look at the bench and I noticed that each wooden hairs of the bench were frozen over to a crisp and viola! challenge picture - Above

Other Pics Inspired by the word Crisp 
Frozen Puddle

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