Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fashion is Art : Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum

Ivorydome and I went to see Gaultier’s exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum the weekend it closed. For Ivorydome who lives and breathes fashion , this was a pilgrimage of sorts – chick can talk hours on end about stitch techniques, fabrics and silhouettes.  For me, it was a cool weekend activity, so naturally, my mind was half there and half on the other stuff I could cram into my Saturday off. I was also still trying to understand why a “fashion designer” had an exhibit in a Museum.

Young JPG

Those are all beads

After the walk through.. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised, blown away and thoroughly schooled. The exhibit gave me a new found respect and perspective on fashion.  Each piece on display was an obvious work of art and the museum did an excellent job of conveying each story. Clothes are just not clothes, it is process, there is a science to it, it is a form of art.

Each room had a different vibe that spoke to the different stages of JPG's creativity. It was easy to picture the process and understand the labor that went into the creation of each piece. The exhibit took us on a journey through Gaultier’s life, showing his attraction to things/ideas/movements (punk culture, people w. disabilities)  that are/were not typically viewed as beautiful and his re-presentation in ways that makes the beauty apparent to the average consumer. It was a gaze into the life of the man behind the magic; to see his loves, motivations, triumphs and struggles was truly something. One of things that resonated deeply with me was his response in the featured documentary when asked about his inspirations and unusual model selection (plus size, older people)  You Have To Know How To See Beauty”.  This statement rings more true today than ever, beauty does not have a template; it is not linear but a variation.

The Button Dress 
The dress above is a Haute Couture dress and the white lines are buttons in varying sizes all individually hand stitched. I was quite intrigued by the meaning / idea “Haute (high) Couture (dressmaking/fashion), it is fashion created by HAND from start to finish. In France, it is a name legally protected by law and can only be used by firms that meet the standards defined by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Hmm...who knew!

Trash Bag dress 
Tin tops
The kinda purse you want to have when its about to go down
Each stud bead and snap were individually stitched 

This made Ivory cry, what a fashion nut! 

Embroided vinyl jacket 

The exhibition was highly interactive with the speaking mannequins – possible through projectors.
Man in a corset having a conversation with his reflection 

My favorite !!!

The exhibit was well worth the entire Saturday afternoon and my 15 bucks. After the tour, I was in the mood for some good guac, so we headed to the only place i know that'll make you sell an organ for some - Rosa Mexicano and as always, it was ever so bueno!

Will twerk for this Guac

Temporary diet break to bow down to this tres leches
After stuffing our pie holes, I figured I'd take some OOTD pictures. I've been trying to build up more courage to do this -2014 is year for me to consciously challenge myself. So here goes accepting my 30 year old postpartum body for what is and learning how to see it's beauty.

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