Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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(Let's Cross Over)
I should explain my absence.  

I temporarily quit blogging because I felt kahyzen was on some level, lacking depth and was starting to feel…. exhibitionistic.  The decision had been gnawing on me for a while because it seemed like every experience in my life was a potential blog post. You know, like when you are hanging out with your  friends/family and instead of savoring the joy their company, you’re picturing what best angle to take a pretty blog picture ?

So, I had to dial back and put a hold on this.

After some much needed centering and re-prioritizing, I have decided to return with better content which I hope will serve to motivate and inspire; like other blogs have done for me. So, in that vein,  attravesiamo….

Updated 10/14/14 

Me: Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria whoop whoop Gidi in the house J!  Moved to the US in 2003 to attend college; I have a BA in Int'l Relations & Spanish and a Masters in Public Admin.  I live in the big apple with my insanely sexy husband and our little girl.

Love all things Africa(n), I always wanted to run a magazine that showcased the positives of my wonderful continent but was too caught up with school, GPAs and internships to ever follow through with it. Tambien me encanta España y todo lo Español.  I enjoy traveling – I made a promise to myself to go on an annual trip exploring  the world and its people (I don’t want to look back 20 years from now and only be able to say that I worked hard).  I love sweets but on a path to breaking my relationship with Sugar – we’re just no good for each other. I love sunshine and heat ( I always have my space heater on at work – I hope I don’t shrivel up like a raisin soon). Cats creep me out, there is something just downright evil about their eyes, if you have one I will most likely never visit you at home.

You might ask, "why and what is KahyZen ?" Kaizen (pronunciation Kahyzen) was the perfect moniker to describe me and “this”. KahyZen is a documentation of my continuous quest for self-improvement in every life aspect. If you are wondering what the heck Kaizen (Kahy-zen) means, it is the Japanese philosophy of slow continuous growth. The concept is mainly popular in business settings as a strategy to increase efficiency, creativity and innovation in the workplace. I however strongly believe that this process advancement framework can be applied to an individual’s journey in life to create a better you – whatever your definition of that betterment is. I want to be able to look through this in a few years and see what my evolution is. Plus it’d be cool for my daughter whom I will call Yum Yum (it’s a derivative of one of her many African names hehe) to have stuff to read about her mom – if she cares.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

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