Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bye Bye Bo Bo


My Yummers is officially 15 months!!! YAY this marks a lot of milestones, in our family, the end to the reign of the almighty binkie (dramatic music).  We initially took  it away when she was 11 going on 12 months, but later re-introduced it when she got sick (is’nt crazy how getting sick can halt a lot of progress?). Anyway, her dad decided that at 15 months she would stop the binkie  - cold turkey (more dramatic music). One of the major reasons we decided to do this now, is because it was beginning to interfere with her eating patterns.  She would literally have a bite and stick the paci back in her mouth. 

We (my mom) officially took it away March 30th and I must say, the first couple days were something hellish. Oh boy did she cry,  she cried so hard, we almost relented. Then night 2 came and the same thing all over again. It’s been 5 days since and she still gets a little restless at bedtime, but it’s a far cry – literally, from the gut wrenching wails of the first night.

Moms out there trying to stop their little ones from taking the binkie, I encourage you to press on. The first couple nights are the hardest. There are advantages to giving the binkie but the cons far outweigh the pros . Here are some things you should consider if you’re conflicted about introducing it or trying to take it away.
-        Impedes speech development
-        Impedes the development of tongue & lip muscles
-        Causes the tongue to push forward between with teeth , which could result in a lisp!

Besides, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that the bo bo is more for you than it is for them.

Bo Bo got kicked to the curb - mommy does the happy dance :) 


  1. I'm so proud of Yum Yum, and you too Mom, good job. I didn't know there were so many cons associated with the pacifier.
    Great post!

  2. It is always interesting to hear this! I have two nieces and a little sister who never used them. I hope my kids wont need it lol! Very proud of Yum Yum!

  3. Who knew paci's came with all those baggage's! Kudos to Yum Yum for adopting and to you parents for sticking through it


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