Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIY: Entryway Furniture Makeover

I was hoping to restart my apartment makeover this summer but somehow didn’t get around to any of the projects on my list. Now that summer is over, I find myself running helter skelter trying to  get it all done before the weather turns cold and miserable – gotta love procrastination. 

When we moved into our apartment last Oct, I looked evarrrrrywhere for the perfect foyer / entryway table but kept running into 2 problems - What I liked was outside my budget and I hated everything within my budget.

I ended up settling for an Ikea Micke desk which works nicely for us. We covered the cable hole with a letter holder and use the 2 drawers as a his&hers holding place for keys and other random crap.

Cost ?  $59 and a little imagination – I don’t think Ikea still has this but you can find it’s close cousin here 

Fast forward to the treasure at hand

Last week, on my way home I stumbled across this abandoned foyer table  and a 1980’s hardshell samosonite suitcase. I quickly rescued them before the dumpster truck made their daily run. Yes I know, I have no shame,  and yes I will go dumpster diving for a good piece of furniture and most likely carry it on my head and walk home if it does not fit in my car – something about approaching 30 makes me not-give-a -puck. Plus, I love a good DIY project. 

I wanted to add more color and lighter pieces to my living room 'cos my walls are dark. So I decided to go for white and gold inspired by images from pinterest. 

Wash with soap and water 

Sand  - i used regular 'ol sandpaper

Coat 1

 I had paint drippings because I removed the little white cork on top of the red nozzle, - I didn’t realize it was part of the nozzle

Coat 2  

Several coats later  

 4 cans later. I got a little happy and spray painted my fence 

Taped newspaper  alongside the legs to protect the lower panel 

Also taped the corners to protect inner corner from splash of the metallic 

About 5 bucks from Home Depot or any hardware store

Got a little bubbling on one of the legs - not quite sure why 

 A little elbow grease, spray paint and sand paper can do this to a beat up old furniture. 

Products Used
Krylon Primer – Satin
Krylon Gloss - White (finishing coat)
Rust-oleum  Specialty Metallics – Gold
Krylon Varnish - Paint Sealer
Sand Paper – 220 & 250 grit 
Painter Tape
Soap & Water

Scrap Paper for protection

Total Cost $31.99

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