Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yum Yum's Bookcase

The past couple weeks have been unbelievably busy with preparing for winter and the launch of I+E.  Only few people know what I+E is but I’ll bring you up to speed on that very very soon J

Since I’ve got all my creative juices oozing lately, here’s  another  DIY post.

Short Version
Found the bookcase in the garbage room and rescued it. I’m officially the Abandoned Furniture Ninja (dramatic music & Ninja Pose)

Hauled in this bad boy with the help of the Londoners  (Navinchi & Tayo)  who deftly stowed it away from the eyes of the man of the house. 

The steps are pretty basic
  1. Wash & Air Dry
  2. Sand ( I finally have a portable sander – sandpaper can officially suck-it)
  3. Prime
  4. Paint with color of choice (since I was using several colors I had to protect the different panels)
  5. Seal paint with spray varnish

The Black & Decker sander cost $25 from Walmart
The portable sander is a good investment especially one as inexpensive as this. For the last DIY I used sandpaper for the entire job ($1.99/sheet); with the electrical sander, I was able to complete the entire job in about 10 mins if not less, if I had used sandpaper it would've taken me MUCH longer. 

You see that white little cork on the nozzle? If you read the last DIY post, you'd remember that I removed that piece thinking it was an add'l cap. I ended up with major runs because it released way more paint than required. The cork actually helps to release the paint in such little amounts leaving your prime job with an  airbrush/chalk like effect as seen below.

First coat

several coats and 2 cans of primer later
I find that you do not need a lot of primer in order to begin the actual paint job 

Gloss Sun Yellow by Krylon 
Initially I was planing on using a combo of white and purple following the theme of Yum Yum's polka dot room but the more I thought about it, it seemed like it'd be too much purple. Then I considered gold & white, pink & white and later settled for yellow & white. 

Pink - Gloss Waternelon by Krylon 
Yellow and white seemed too boring, so I added the watermelon and that didn't seem fun enough sand so ....

The edges are taped  to protect the yellow paint underneath from the splash of the colors. 

...I added one more color; I tried gold on the bottom; that turned out to be an epic fail 'cos the gold was more bronzish-brown (krylon's Brilliant Gold),

Gold that didn't work out

so I decided to cover up the booboo with some purple.

 Purple: Gloss Plum also by Krylon

At this stage, I was already in toooo deep and couldn't leave only one panel purple so I painted a few more panels purple. I let it dry for a while and added the paint varnish to seal the paint. 

I know it's a lot of color; my sister went into momentary shock when I sent her a picture. But I think it turned out okay; since its for a kids room, I may have managed to get away with it.

What do you think?

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