Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Day at the Museum

As a relatively new mom, I face the old age problem of being able to spend time, .. no – quality time with my little one.  By the time I get back from work and blah blah blah, I end up spending barely 2 hours with my Yum Yum before she’s off to bed. And of course, in a typical mom fashion I worry about how this might affect her development. So, last weekend I decided to have a mummy-daughter day. A full on Yum Yum day with no distractions of chores and to-do lists – at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

A few things before I tell you how awesome her day was :) 
Children’s Museum of Manhattan (http://www.cmom.org/)
Address:  212 W 83rd St  New York, NY 10024
Admission fee: $11 (children & Adults) ; $7 (seniors)
Children 12 months Under – Free 

The Museum had 4 floors each with activities for different ages. This is not the place for your 10- 12 yrs old – at least in my opinion; It's like a mini arcade with interactive –educational games. One of the reasons I was excited about the Museum is the classes being offered. We set out for her to attend the Mural Wall Painting classes (for children 4 & under) and  Art & Craft class (not the correct name) also for ages 4 and under. 

While we waited for the first class to begin, we stumbled on the “City Splash”, an area in the back of the building with water games – buckets of water. There were different water contraptions filled with toys; all the children were given smocks so they can have a perfectly dry splish splash. She had such great time fishing out the little toys, that it was a problem when we had to leave for the Wall Mural class. 

The second floor was every toddlers dream come true with vibrant with colors and life sized toys. She got distracted by a screen at the entrance that plays nursery rhymes upon touch.  Then there was the Alphagator which terrified her at first, but she later warmed up to when she saw other kids around it.

Oh and the Mural Wall Painting I was so excited about? Yum Yum hated it. She hated having the wet paint on her hands. She held up her little palms until I wiped off all the paint, she didn’t even attempt to wipe it on the wall. Yay for me I guess? My walls at home are safe. Anyway, she was happy to play with glow tubes right next to the mural wall. 

The Art & Craft class, she loved! With non-toxic glue, colored glitter, water color, a bunch of colored stringy & fluffy stuff -  the kids were all set to get their creativity on. And yes my daughter tasted the glue, I guess she thought it was yogurt. #thischildofmine.


We wrapped up our visit with a quick stop at Dora’s place on the 2nd floor with Yum Yum squealing “Ora, Mehmmy Ora!!!” the entire time. I made a metal note to make this our first stop next time – hopefully Dora’s still a hit when that time comes.

We spent a whopping almost-4 hours at the Museum and I was more than ready for some reprieve from children screaming in excitement to those having meltdowns because they didn't want to leave. Luckily, Yum Yum was pooped and ready to leave. At the stroller checkout, she quietly sat in her stroller when I unfolded it – very unusual behavior for her.

We stopped for a quick bite at Fred’s on Amsterdam Ave (just around the corner from the Museum). Well, let me back track… I thought we could stop for a bite. This is how it went down. We were sitted across from each other at a patio table #socute; we got a few adoring glances from passersby. We were a picture perfect idea of mother-daughter brunch date. Even I was somewhat surprised – she seemed to be behaving herself.
Yea sure, she knocked down the color pencils and then dumped the packet sweeteners on the floor but that was standard for a toddler in a restaurant – might I add this was my first attempt at taking her to eat all by myself. She had her pineapple juice and the complimentary cranberry bread, all seemed to be going well and then all of a sudden, hell broke loose.

In what seemed like a millisecond, my perfectly behaved child started balking in her chair. She wanted out! She then stood in her chair and stretched her arms to be carried. After I told her to be a good girl in a very stern I’m –the – boss voice. She looked at me like I betrayed her and broke into a “Nohhhhh Mehmmy” followed by a piercing wail.. Yes, we were those people. I got a few sympathetic glances and a few “I don’t-know-what-you-were- thinking” glances after which I promptly asked for our meals in a doggybag and hurried out of there.

Besides that minor Snafu at the restaurant, I have to say that I think it was a pretty successful trip.
So, there you have it! Adventures of Mom and Yum :)  Episode 1.

If you have any ideas on things to do with an 18+ month old or how to keep them entertained please share and I’ll try to do the same as I discover more things.

Happy Child Rearing… for those of you who are!


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