Monday, July 8, 2013

Color Run NYC 2013

​I’d been DYIING to do the color run for the past 2 years- no exaggeration, but they seemed to always sell out by the time I get to the website. Sohhh, this year, I Nancy Drewed that sucker and got in as soon as it went live. #patmyselfontheback. 

Tryna look strike a cute pose, little did I know I was going to get color bombed in my ear, 

We were totally behaving like the adults that we are

You can tell my daughter was really into it :) 

Race Day
I woke up bright an early gave my boring Tshirt a makeover which didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped but who cares, the shirt was going to get destroyed anyway. We made it a family affair and decided to  take YumYum on the run with us (children 5 and under can run for FREE and don’t need to be registered).

We missed the warm up party which was a bummer

We parked the car, found AG80 amidst the crowd and was all set to go. They had a DJ at the start line who threw race paraphernalia at us as they released runners onto the course in batches. By the time we were released, I  was so pumped and ready to blast right thru. Might I add that I managed to exhaust myself right after mile 1 -overzealous much?! hahaha. I threw caution to the wind after the first color bomb point and started screaming like a crazy person ,  hi5ing runners  and jumping in the air- my knees shortly reminded me that I wasn’t 18 anymore. More jumping, rolling on floor and all manner of childishness later, we got to the finish line, where AG80’s dark chocolate was waiting to take pictures of us cross the finish line.

Dont judge, YOLO

I couldn't help myself

At the finish line, there were loads of treats – Protein Bars, Ice Cream Truck, 80 calorie yogurt bars, energy drinks. I cheated on the Mankofit challenge and had a Mango bar and some juice. Yum Yum who slept throughout the run with her pops awakened at the finish line and polished off  2 yogurt bars and then some. The race was one big sober rave at 9 clock in the morning , so for those who had no access to real booze , sugar was the only way to go.

Until next year #colorrun #awesomerace

Some Random Info
  • Your kids can bring their scooters
  • We took Yum Yum's  stroller to a car wash and air dried it afterwards
  • They sell protective covering for your phone.  I did not buy one, because my phone is my only camera and I wanted to be able to capture memorable events without having to fumble for it. I got some color on it, but wiped it with a dry cloth then a barely damp cloth as in a smidge of water
  • The smart people covered their car seats with trash bags – we shall do this next year

  • Your Hair: I had braids, after shaking the color off, clean out the excess color with a damp cloth
  • This is not the race to wear your good sneakers and sports gear to
  • More smart people brought change of clothes and changed out of their trunks
  • There were race volunteers with air pressure machines to hose out the excess color from your clothes ( I highly recommend this) we didn’t and our car suffered for it 

  • At the finish line, they throw the color in the air several times, so even if you get to the finish line late, you won’t miss out on the experience

Race Info

Cost: $45 or $55 (depending on when you purchase the ticket)

Packet: Race Number, Tshirt, Sweat Band, Removable Tatoo, Arm Band, Color Packet.


  1. Congratulations. It looks like a heck of a lot of fun. How many miles did you run or is it times?

    1. It was you should definitely sign up for one if they have them in London. It was 3.1 miles.

  2. I don't like you jare.

    You're too awesome... :)

    1. and you are more awesome. YOur blog makes me feel prepared for my next trip to Naij


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