Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some Clean Dishes

Happy Fourth!!!

The day for hot dogs, burgers and all that good stuff thats not so very good for you. On July 30th mankofit launched an "Eat Clean Train Dirty" 30 day challenge on Instagram and twitter.

For those who do not know who mankofit is, this is what I know. Mankofit whose real name is Massy is an NYC (Dominican) Personal Trainer, Athlete and Body Builder. She has an insayine body and is popular for adapting contortion-type (i use this term loosely) moves to her exercises. Might I add that she is absolutely gorg. Anyway, one of the things I love about her is the positivity she exudes, she brings a refreshing approach to working out. Love her!

So far, here are some for meals I've made . I will try to post pictures periodically throughout this month for those who might be interested. Is anyone out there on an eat clean regimen? Please share some of your recipes.

Sweet Potato Mash/Broccoli/ 1/4 Avocado/Grilled Tilapia

Unsalted Rice Cake/Peanut Butter/Kiwi/Strawberry

Arugula/Strawberry/Grilled Chick/Kiwi/Cucumber/Boiled Egg Whites


Tilapia crusted w. Almonds/Asparagus/Avocado/Mixed Veggies


  1. Looks good.... Keep us posted on your progress during the challenge etc


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