Monday, May 27, 2013

Little Juice Helper


As you most likely know by now, mummy will try any diet at least once. I started juicing again last week, this is the first time I have done this since you were born. When you were still living in my tummy, I promised myself you would only consume fresh homemade natural fruit juices. But after you were born I just could not find the time.. until now.  I want you to have a healthy relationship with food – eat clean and have treats in moderation. Don’t live in the ice cream bucket like your momma J

One of the gazillion things I love about you is that you eat your veggies.. at least for now, I’ve been told this might change. For now you do and that makes me happy – you even have your own veggie-eating system down packed. You pick out the corn from the mix veggies first, then you move to the carrots, the green peas are next and then depending on your mood you’ll either go for the string beans last or pass.

I’m going off tangent like I normally do right? Mummy needed a sweet treat so, I decided to try out a new recipe I saw online. I got over excited at the fruit market and bought a 5 pound watermelon; as you know, I always go overboard when I’m excited about something new . Armed with all the items for my tropical fruit punch – Watermelon, Pineapple, Oranges and Lemons, I began my juice making process. You shriek every time I switch on the juicer – something about the grinding noise tickles you.  After you laughed yourself silly, you insisted on helping. So this time, daddy hoisted you up and you gave the juice plunger a big girl push and out came the juices. As I poured the juice into jars, you kept saying “mayine, mayine – mine” , “mehmmy mayine” which typically means you want some. I was a bit hesitant to give you some because of the froth, plus, the taste was much earthier than what you’re used to but I gave you some anyway.  

Much to my surprise, you finished the juice in what seemed like seconds and came back for more.  You didn’t mind the earthy somewhat tart taste at all, you liked it so much that I had to put the Sippy cup away so you’d have room for dinner. You never cease to amaze me you know.  Just the other day, I let you taste my spinach smoothie and you “pestered” me until I let you have it all.  

You’re only 16 months old and you can say “Mayine – mine” ; “Noh-Noh-Noh-No-oh!!! – No”; Stahpeee – Stop it; depending on your mood, you call your dad “Mehmmy or Papi”; you sing the “bye bye baby” potty song; you fake cry when you want something - it’s the funniest sight, it really is. You wrinkle your nose and purse your lips as you try to make cry noises but you’re so bad at it ‘cos you get distracted by the TV or something and forget that you’re supposed to be crying.

Anyhoo, this letter is for that day in the future when you’ll tell me that you hate homemade fruit juices or tell a fib that it’ll make you sick all because you want Sunny D or Mott’s Apple Juice. This is proof that you do like homemade juices. Lol.



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