Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yum Yum's Room

DIY projects are an opportunity for see how creative or how good of a copycat I am. So moving into my new apartment was the perfect opportunity to put this to the test. Armed with 9 cans of spray paint, stencils and some inspiration from pinterest, I could not wait to begin on my first project - Yum Yum's room!!!
I did not take a "before pic" but the walls were off whitish. Here are some pics of the progress. I am still in the market for the perfect rug and chest of drawers.

The pictures are low quality but you get the general idea

We didn't realize how deep it turned till we put the first coat, it was supposed to be a shade lighter.

The dots are actually circular decals you can find them on Amazon ir Ebay for $5


  1. is someone toying with the possibility of a side gig? I'll totally hire you.

    1. Thank you ! Thats good to know :) I have some more DIY posts coming up.


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