Saturday, May 18, 2013

Modified Juice Feasting

5 pound watermelon

After much carb debauchery, I decided to do a cleanse. I had been feeling like I had a food hangover  for days; I felt sluggish and bleh; and it seemed like ehhverrythinngg arrrrounnndd meeee wasssss happpunning in slooohhhh moooohhtiooon.

So, I’ve made yet another eat-clean resolution using the crutch of juicing to establish healthy habits to restart my system and rid my body of the nasties from factory food - (what a mouthful). Hopefully, there are no drunken ice cream craze in my near future. In fact, I rebuke you ice cream!!! You sexy Breyers Blast oreo cookie ice cream you!! You!!

The plan: Wehhll, I initially decided to go hard and do a 14 day cleanse, but after my initial high subsided, I figured I’d listen to my body and take it one day at a time. So, I’d go for a 3 day, 5 day, 7 day, you get the gist. In the past, I’ve done the juice fast several times in varying degrees – 3 days, 5 days and random one offs whenever I feel I needed a veggie boost  - a spinach shot here and there. I read somewhere that the Department of Agriculture recommends that we limit added sugar in take to 40g/day. And the AHA recommends that women consume no more than 100 calories of added sugar per day = 6 teaspoons ; men no more than 150 calories of added sugar per day = 9 teaspoons. My first reaction when I read this was I couldn't do it.  Then again, whaddaya do huh? it’d really suck balls to develop a heart disease or diabetes from having too many a candy bar. So 40g it is, until some researcher or food specialist comes up with a new number.

The key thing with juicing is to have 80% veggies 20% fruits, this way you’re not overloading your body with the natural sugars from the sweet fruits. Since I am Herbal Life user, I decided I’d have a shake for dinner whenever I felt out of it.

Day 1: 2 Cucumbers/ 1 Fuji Apple/ 2 Oranges/ Handful of black seedless grapes
Morning : Herbal Life tea (original) & Red zinger tea  with one teaspoon of honey
Afternoon: My juice Concoction
Dinner: One spoon of Dr. Braggs Apple Cider vinegar  & Herbal Life Shake
How It Went: Cravings kicked in the evening, all the food demons kept calling my name but I cast them all to the bottomless pit lol. I eventually had a herbal life shake 6oz and went to bed. (I read somewhere that first timers can have some avocado and raw nuts) And oh, go easy on the Dr. Braggs, it is very acidic. 

Day 2: 1 cucumber/ 1 granny smith/2 fuji/ ginger & some  spinach (This combo was delish)
Hubs: 3 granny smith/ 3 stalks of celery/ spinach
Morning: Cup of water w. 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
Cup of Herbal Life Tea (original)  & Red zinger tea  with half  teaspoon of honey
Afternoon: Juice Concoction
Dinner: Some more juice concoction
How It Went: Peace of cake – no cravings or food lustings

Day 3: Same as day 1
How it Went: Easy Peasy

Day 4: 4 Stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 3 pears & a knob of ginger
Hubs: 4 carrots, 2 Fuji & knob of ginger
Breakfast: Same everyday
Lunch: Juice Concoction
How It Went: My juice was nasty today, I’m not sure what went wrong, the combo made a lot of sense in my head. Anyway, I soldiered on and drank up. I was good until the Hubs decided to tantalize my senses with his thai food.  He was having some yummy deliciousness with mushrooms and shredded beef,  the aroma wafted through my entire apartment and I begged for a taste, oh how I begged. I even begged for a finger dip in the sauce, he wouldn’t let me; then he threw the plate away #gonnagetuback. I sucked it up and had a bleeping herbal life shake and some water. While feeding Yum Yum her dinner of noodles – another weakness of mine, I quickly took a small spoonful, swished it around my mouth and spat it out when he was not looking. I know, I’m full of s**t but whatever,  that was day 4.

Day 5: 4 carrots, 3 oranges, handful of seedless blackberries
Hubs: 3 granny smiths and Head of celery - #very sour (that was for yesterday ha! not intentional but ha! nontheless)
Breafast: same thing
Lunch: Juice Concoction
How It Went: Yes, its predominantly fruits but that was my treat for making it to 5 days. Today’s juice soooohhh good I wanted to make love to it; it was so good I almost put my feet up at work and leaned back.

I broke my fast on Day 6 since, Mother's Day weekend was coming up and The Hubs has brunch plans. I feel great, light and wish I could've gone longer, it appears I may've lost 5-6 lbs. 


  1. Well! Did you feel cleansed? results plessss

    1. Hi QH,

      I did feel cleansed and clear headed. As for results, the i lost about 5 pounds i've put back about 2, if that even means anything lol. Next time I do this I will put up a more detailed post. :)


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