Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Having trouble constructing coherent sentences in a meaningful manner that’ll make sense to anyone , so, here are a few random thoughts.

Only if I could sleep in today…everyday

Bleep you scale! you piss me off every time I see you

I wish I could work from home

Why the hell is daycare so expensive!

I have to do the dishes again?!

Everything flaps when I run, what the hell!!!

Honey please play with your toys… in an organized manner (delusional much)

Tuck in the damn chair when you’re done at the table

Why is there dried up milk stains in the back seat

Who the bleep is calling at 6a?!

I’ve had fun but now I’d like to leave so I can find parking on my block

Yes! It’s Monday! I can finally have some un-interrupted me-time... at work

How else can I  funkify veggies for Yum Yum?

Great, just went over my budget,  again

That vision board… sigh

You’re coming over? why? now I have to clean up

No I don’t need company at the gym or the mall 

Yes, I came down to the apt lobby in my Jammies whatchalookinat?

2 kids under 3? No thank you very much, you g’head

Hungry but going to drink some lemon water and I’m gonna to love it

Sweet!!!it rained I don't have to wash the car 

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